Evaluation for Hearing Aids

What should I expect during a hearing aid evaluation?

A hearing aid evaluation is a time when we learn more about you and what your hearing needs and challenges are.  This information allows us to make the best recommendations for you as an individual.

If you have not had a recent diagnostic hearing evaluation, you will have one at this visit.  The diagnostic hearing evaluation will show us what type of hearing loss you have and what the severity of that loss is.  It will also give us important information regarding your ability to hear and understand speech.  We will go over the results so that you have a clear understanding of what is happening with your hearing.

We will also talk about how your hearing loss is impacting your day to day life.  What situations or environments are the most challenging or frustrating for you?  We will talk about what your goals for your hearing are and how we can realistically help you achieve those goals.  If you are experiencing tinnitus (ringing or noises within the ears), we will also address ways we may be able to help you with that.

After we have the results from the diagnostic hearing evaluation and have talked about your hearing concerns, we will talk about the hearing aid and treatment options that are available to you.  We will make the best recommendations for you and your hearing needs and will provide you with the information that you need to make the decision that is right for you.