Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

All roads to a better experience wearing hearing aids lead to Country Roads Audiology & Hearing Aid Center. Your success wearing hearing aids begins with expert device fitting and programming. When you trust your hearing to our audiologists, you’ll find this appointment will be the longest you ever have. That’s because we take extra time to ensure that your devices are delivering sound as you want to hear it from the very start.

Hearing aid fitting

While your hearing aids may be delivered from the factory initially programmed to your hearing needs, that doesn’t mean you should settle for this basic level of fitting. The audiologists at Country Roads Audiology & Hearing Aid Center know that hearing is a highly personal experience. The ears and brain work together to process sound, and this process isn’t the exact same in any two people. If hearing is highly individual, hearing aid fitting should be highly individualized as well.

We take the time to ensure that your devices are delivering sound in a manner that is pleasing and comfortable to you. This attention to detail is why so many people are pleased with their hearing aids from our practice.

Live speech mapping

One of the biggest differences in the hearing aid fitting process at Country Roads is the use of live speech mapping.
Where some audiologists use beeps and tones to program your hearing aids, we fine-tune your devices using a sound with which you are accustomed: a familiar voice.

We ask you to bring a friend or family member with you to your hearing aid fitting appointment. Your hearing aids will be inserted along with a small microphone that allows you, the audiologist and your companion to see how your hearing aids are responding to sound. Adjustments are then made until you hear that old, familiar voice the way you remember it.

Hearing aid care and maintenance

During this appointment, you’ll also learn how to insert and remove your devices. You’ll be instructed in the proper care of your hearing aids and learn how to change or recharge your batteries.

Because adjusting to hearing aids is like adjusting to new glasses, you’ll also be given a plan for wearing your hearing aids and acclimating your brain to the new aural stimuli.

All of this personalized attention during the fitting and programming appointment will help successfully adjust to wearing hearing aids effortlessly.