Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

What if your hearing aid needs a repair?

As amazing as hearing aids are, sometimes they require a little extra attention to keep them working to optimal performance.  We will make sure you know how best to care for your hearing aids at home; however, we will also help you to maintain them.  Much like vehicles need routine maintenance to make sure they run properly, hearing aids perform the best when you bring them for scheduled, routine appointments where we give them a thorough cleaning and check to make sure they are functioning properly.

Sometimes, though, even hearing aids that are well cared for need a repair.  Many repairs can be done in the office; however sometimes a hearing aid will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.  We are happy to evaluate your hearing aid (whether you purchased it here or not) and determine whether the repair can be made through an in-house service or if it needs to go to the manufacturer for a more complex repair.

We will also be happy to talk with you about warranty and extended warranty options that may be available to you.