Hearing Care for Infants and Children

Speech, learning or behavioral issues can be the first indicators of a possible hearing problem.  If you have concerns about your child's hearing, it is important to get him/her tested early. Identifying hearing problems early in a child's life is essential for normal speech and language development, as well as helping with social development.

Indicators of hearing loss in children:

  • Speech and language delays
  • Listens to TV or music at loud levels
  • Speaks loudly
  • Asks to have things repeated
  • Attention problems
  • Only responds when face-to-face
  • Has a delayed reaction when spoken to
  • Has no response when called upon
  • Has trouble following directions

When you come in for your child's appointment, we will talk about what areas of concern you have regarding your child’s hearing, speech and language.  We will also discuss your child's medical history. Testing children (depending on the age) can often be quite different than testing adults so we will go over what we will be doing that day.  In some instances, testing may have to be completed across more than one visit due to your child becoming tired or worn out from the visit.

We will go over the results of your child's evaluation with you so that you understand what was done and what results were found.  At that point, we will also explain any referrals that your child may need including any appropriate treatment options.

Feel free to ask questions!  This is your child and we want you to be informed!