Patient Testimonials


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"Coming to Kristin for hearing aids for my husband has been an experience of life improvement. She has provided in-depth understanding and education to both of us as we adapt and change to hearing, communication and overall relationship issues. She is knowledgeable, professional, personable and an expert in audiology. Thanks, Kristin, for enriching our life experience."

- C.L.
"Having Kristin as my audiologist since 2009 has been a blessing. Having a severe hearing loss, she monitors me with routine hearing tests in case she needs to tweak my hearing aids. If I have a problem, she always makes the time to see me and keeps me updated on all the newest products. I highly recommend anyone with hearing loss to go and see her. You will love her sweet personality and her willingness to help you to the best of her ability."

- D.K.
"Kristin took care of me when I lived in Virginia and was trying hearing aids for the first time after 22 years of living with my hearing loss. She has so much experience with audiology patients and exposure to the medical side of hearing disorders. She was patient and took her time with my fitting. She was available any time I needed help or had questions. Thanks to her getting me started, I'm on my second pair of hearing aid technology and loving it! Would recommend to anyone!"

- S.R.
"Kristin is not only a knowledgeable Audiologist, who uses best practices with all of her patients, she is a caring, compassionate and kind person and clinician. You will be in great hands with her for all your hearing diagnostic and amplification/hearing aid needs. You will find no better in the Valley!"

- L.F.
"Kristin has been fantastic with helping me through the process of getting my hearing aids. She has explained everything very clearly about what to expect, from the biggest to the littlest of details. She is very thoughtful and professional. I had difficulty adjusting to my hearing aids, but she worked with me in ways to adjust to them. Now I can wear them all day! I recommend her highly! Wonderful lady!"

- N.A.
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"Kristin provided excellent care in helping me with my hearing loss. She explained everything each step of the way and always made sure my questions were answered. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone seeking care for hearing loss."

- R.G.
"When Kristin suggested I get hearing aids with Bluetooth technology, I was a little skeptical. Now that I have them, I can use that technology to better hear my television and carry on conversations when I'm out. AND, it's all controllable from an app on my phone. Kristin's suggestions and guidance have definitely improved my quality of life."

- B.L.
"I came to Kristin very reluctantly. I did not want to need hearing aids. Her knowledge and professionalism, plus warm, gentle reassurances, eased me through the process well. I am very satisfied with my hearing aids and the ongoing support I receive. I have recommended Kristin to many friends."

- M.T.